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Newsletter - October 2005

President's Report
We had a good attendance at our last meeting for Dr. Neville Hudson's presentation on Ammonites. Neville's lecture was most interesting: the computer Powerpoint presentation was superb and we enjoyed examining his Ammonite specimens. Thank you Neville for a memorable evening.

Nominations for our 2006 Committee
Our current Treasurer, Dr Neville Hudson, has given notice that he is not available for the position in 2006 and I too will be signing off too with the next newsletter, having served four years on the Committee, so the position of Secretary/ Newsletter Officer will be up for nomination at the forthcoming AGM also.

Committee Meeting
Tuesday 8th November, 6pm sharp. Please B.Y.O. dinner and nibble and munch away while we discuss the AGM and other matters.

Next Meeting
Tuesday 8th November 7.30 pm. Epsom Community Centre.
Topic 1. This evening will be a Mini Shell Show. Please bring along the latest additions to your shell collections as well as displays of your favourite shells.
This is an opportunity for members to display shells who have never entered a Shell Show!
It's easy - here is what to do:
1. select 20 favourite shells- place them on a suitable tray.
2. cut 20 small cards as labels for the shells.
3. write or type data for each shell on a card as listed below:

    Family name (eg. PATELLIDAE)
    Genus-Species (eg. Cellana flava)
    Author and date (eg. (Hutton, 1873.))
    Place found (eg. East Coast)
    Country and date (eg. New Zealand. Jan/1995.)
    By whom (eg. John Doe)

If you are not sure of the names of your shells plese bring the shells and cards anyway!!
Shell reference books will be on hand and experieced shell collectors will be on hand to help identify shells and assist with preparing their cards. There will be a prize for every entry. We hope to see lots of shells

Topic 2. Margaret Morley will discuss Phylum, Mollusca, Latin names and their meanings, how shells get given their names and other general questions.

Library news
Gladys has just returned from a trip away in New Plymouth - where she said she saw Mt. Taranaki (Mt. Egmont) in all it's glory. Gladys reports that the Library is still on the move - however please consult your lists of books (sent out last month), and if anyone sends her a wish list she will get them for you - as soon as possible.

The Family of David Baker
Gladys reports that she has received a card of thanks from Mrs Baker for our concern shown on the recent death of member David Baker and she has invited Margaret Morley to advise her on what to do with Mr Baker's shell collection.

Club Tee Shirts
Gladys now has the box of the Section's T shirts at home. Please email/telephone her with shirt size and the number required if you would like to buy one. email:, or telephone 09 634 2823.

More Shelling adventures
On Saturday morning, Labour Weekend, I was shelling on Oneroa Beach, Waiheke Is. Auckland for doubles of Ruditapes largillierti and the pretty blue Venericardia purpurata and had just reached the eastern end of the beach when I found a mobile telephone laying on the sand just above the high tide mark. The mobile was one of those latest "high tec" jobs with multiple functions including text and a photo lens. I switched the mobile on in the hope that someone might be calling at that very moment - a lock icon appeared on the tiny screen. I continued pressing the button pad randomly and finally a list of recent text names appeared. Then the photo lens flashed! I wondered if I'd just sent a photo of my self around the world. I resisted the urge to throw the contraption into a nearby rubbish bin and decided instead to deposit the mobile at the local Police Station. I left the beach and began to walk along the main road one or two kilometres back to Oneroa Village.
I had come ashore in a dinghy from a cruising yacht wearing a life jacket. I took this off and slung it casually over one shoulder as if it was the "latest must have" fashion accessory as I walked passed the crowded cafes in the village nonchalantly swinging my bag of shells.
The Police Station was closed. A sign on the door said to call an "after hours" number which looked to me suspiciously like the number of the Auckland Central Police Station.
Two police cars were parked outside a house nearby so I went to the house and knocked on the door. It was opened by a tall young woman who looked like a police woman. I asked if this was the Police House. She looked unsure and said the Police Station was just up the road - but it was closed today. I said I'd found a mobile telephone on the beach and wanted to hand it over to the Police. She frowned and looked at me with pursed lips ..... until I said I was visiting on a yacht and it would be several days before we would be back in Auckland and if I couldn't leave the mobile here it would be returned to the owner faster if I dropped it into the local post box where it could ring it's self silly until the next mail collection.....Her eyes swivelled from the mobile in my outstretched hand to the life jacket, to the bag of shells on my arm and then back to the mobile... She said she would take it and I gave her the mobile. She remarked that it was switched on and that it was a very expensive item. I nodded and mentioned that the photo lens was active. She reached inside the door and produced a piece of note-paper and a pen and asked me to record my name and phone number - in case it wasn't claimed. I was visibly shaken and said a mobile telephone was the last thing I would ever want! She smiled and said it was highly unlikely that it wouldn't be claimed and that she would try to contact the owner right away.
I wrote down the details and said goodbye and hurried back up the path. I looked back for a moment and saw her frowning at the mobile as she tapped furiously on key pad......

Steve O'shea
We hope you saw Steve's recent TV interview with Kim Hill re. giant squid. This was excellent.

Our editors, Jenny and Tony Enderby, are calling for general articles for the next issue of our Journal. Please leave an appropriate space in your text for any photos. Contact: T & J Enderby, PO Box 139, Leigh. Ph. 09 422 6127, email

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