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Newsletter - June 2003

President's report:
We were spellbound at the June meeting by Mike Eagle's illustrated talk on his trip from the Mediterranean to the Arctic Circle. Mike's slides were amazing. His trip had been great adventure. Mike also dazzled us with a tray of his WW-NZ Pectinidae, which included a rare Delectopecten fosterianum.

All the Pectens exhibited on the night were of superb quality and colour. Margaret Morley exhibited another rare specimen; Parvamussium maorium. Other contributors included Luen Jones who exhibited a lovely array of coloured shells, Fiona Thompson, Doug Snook, Cecilia McLaughlin, Peter Poortman, Gladys Goulstone and Heather Smith who reminded us of the 'power of one' with a tray of elegant Pecten novaezelandiae collected on beaches in the far North.

The shell drawing competition promoted by Margaret Morley in May, was won by Heather Smith with a fine pencil sketch of a pecten.

Thanks to Doug Snook for his generosity in donating shells for prizes. Doug will be domiciled at the Wagner Museum at Houhora for a few weeks, evaluating its shell collection which is to go to auction. Doug will miss the July meeting and so has asked Patricia Langford to chair this meeting. Doug has lost a hard cover diary-exercise book and also a brown manilla folder containing a list of shell prices. If you have seen these items please telephone him urgently at (09) 299-6476.

Glenys Stace's field trip to Omaha Beach June Sat 14th-Sun 15th was a very enjoyable weekend. Many thanks to Glenys and Kelvin for their hospitality. More than 30 species of bivalves and about 27 species of univalves were sighted on Omaha surf beach. However, there were no sightings of the elusive Periploma angasi in Whangateau Harbour. A full account of the field trip will be published in the next Poirieria.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 8th July 7:30 pm at the Auckland Museum.
Entrance by the rear Admin door between 7:15-7:30pm. We regret there can be no late admittance due to security regulations.

Speaker: Patricia Langford, "The Chatham Islands Evening"

Shells for display: Haliotidae, NZ. and WW. and a selection of shells from the Chatham Is. As some members do not have shells from the Chathams please bring along a tray of your favourite Haliotis. There will be a prize for the best presented selection of shells with their verification.

July field trip
Fiona Thompson's day trip to Wenderholm, Sun. 13th. Low tide is at 12:35. For details telephone Rosa 620-4523 or Fiona 828-0065.

Summer field trip
We have yet to confirm a date for our visit to the Whakatane region and White Island.

Chatham Island tour
Patricia is leading a trip in Jan-04, ph. (09) 473-0147.

Annual Shell Auction - Sunday 28th September 2003 - Albany Hall
Tables available for sales at no cost to shell club members. Contact Patricia Langford for details ph. (09) 473-0147.

Vol. 29 is enclosed with this newsletter. Thanks to Tony and Jenny Enderby for all their work. This edition cost a little more to produce but has good picture quality. Thanks to all members who contributed articles.
Some text is ready for Vol. 30 so if you plan to contribute to this issue please send your contribution to the editors as soon as possible.

From the Beaches
'A happy end of story'. Peter Poortman was at Bland Bay the weekend of 17-18th May and chanced to find the expensive sunglasses discarded by Heather Smith's twin sister when both women were attacked by a marauding swarm of wasps while on a visit there at Easter!

Subscriptions for 2003
Only ten subscriptions are now outstanding. If you find a reminder notice enclosed please return it along with $20 urgently.

Margaret Morley has received a request for Charonia Lampas shells, to be used as trumpets. These shells do not need to be in gem condition. Email or ph. Margaret (09) 576-8323.

For Sale
Shell collection (NZ and WW) for sale. Also drawers and books.
Contact Mr. Ian Woodhead on (03) 322-8227 or email This collection can be viewed online at:

Patricia Langford is moving house and has a large variety of shells that she would like to sell. ph. ( 09 ) 473-0147.

5th Australian National Shelf Show 2004
This will be held on 20th-21st March 2004 in Adelaide at the Morphettville Function Centre in the Phar Lap Room.

Library News:
Librarian Gladys Goulstone - address 38A Church Rd. Mangere Bridge, Ak ph. (09) 634-2823, will be in attendance at the Library in the Matapuna Gallery on the Mon. afternoon 2-3 pm before each meeting date. Please contact her re. books on the list mailed Sept 2001 - Gladys has extra copies of this. She will deliver book orders to the meeting, or if you send her an A4 P.0. handy bag with $2.95 in stamps, for each book, she wiil mail books to you. Please return books to Matapuna as soon as possible or to Gladys at the next meeting, or mail them to her address above.

Tony and Jenny Enderby, P.O Box 139 Leigh, require articles for the next Poirieria issue. All queries: ph. 09-422-6127 or email


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