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Newsletter - February 2001

The February meeting was well attended with plenty of participation from the floor. Glenys led the discussion on trips. The Chatham and Great Barrier Islands and Mahia were high on the wish list. Heather offered a bach at Coopers Beach at $15 a night. Not so prominent were members keen to organise the trips, if you can help please phone Glenys. She also wants to find a live Periploma angasi. Big Bay on the tip of the Waiuku Peninsula and Orewa were suggested. They used to be living at Okoromai, Whangaparaoa Peninsula, but have not been found recently despite much digging of likely double holes at extreme low tide.
Peter brought in a tray of New Zealand Muricidae. Doug balanced this with a tray of murex from Panama, Philippines, Mexico, Canada and New Zealand. The trays are much appreciated as they make a great point of interest and fire off discussions.
Doug presented Glenys with a "medal" with the wording "as seen on TV". This was a morning news interview on the recently published fossil book by Glenys and Mike Eagle. Mikeís will be presented at a future date!
Bruce Hazelwood and Frank have been looking for land snails in the Hunua ranges. Some of these appear to be undescribed species.

Heather took us on a epic journey around the north of the North Island. It seems she and her twin sister either cycled, drove or walked every beach over summer. She showed beautifully mounted photos of wash-ups and sunsets. At Karikari 12 sharks were seen in shallow water.
A wash -up at Tokerau included Alcithoe arabica, Mactra discors, Bassina yatei and Scutus breviculus. The last were either orange or black. Some causes were suggested, but no one could explain why some bivalves are purple inside. East Beach produced Tonna cerevisina and the small northern echinoderm Apotopyrgus recens. We were horrified to learn that that there were no mature Austrovenus stutchburyi at Paua although there were plenty of juveniles.
Many of their finds were on display. The very large specimens of Cirsotrema zelebori from Great Exhibition Bay and Fellaster zelandica from Maunganui Bluff were admired.
Various stories of soft sand which only allowed bikes to be pushed and playing with dolphins while paddling the kayak made great entertainment.

Margaret showed slides taken at Otamure Bay, North Whananaki during a marine survey trip in December 2000. The team sort and identify molluscs species from intertidal searches, snorkels and dredged material. There was a good wash up at Moureeseís Bay which had washed back out by the time Fiona got there the following day! Voucher specimens are prepared for accessioning to the Auckland War Memorial Museum marine collections. A tray of wet and dry specimens were on display.

It was decided that the Conchology Section would donate $2000 towards the publication of the book "The sea shores of New Zealand and the Pacific" by our Patron, John Morton. We are honoured to support his endeavours and wish him well as this important work nears completion.

Preliminary notice is given of an auction to be held either 5 May or 12 May 2001. If you have lots you wish to be included, phone Glenys now (09) 415 9930. It is the sellerís responsibility to prepare their lots for auction. Space is limited, first come, first in.

Doug requests some spares to boost his stocks. Please bring any contributions to the next meeting.

Have you posted your article yet? The Editors, Tony and Jenny Enderby, are planning the next journal to be posted with the April newsletter. Your contributions should be in their hands as soon as possible. Both long articles and short notes of interest are most welcome.
Post to Tony and Jenny Enderby, PO Box 139, Leigh.
Any queries phone 09 422 6127 or Email

Antonio Luis wants to exchange shells, he has worldwide marine, land and fresh water species. If you are interested please send your list. Email

They remain at $20. Donít miss out on the next Poirieria, subs are now overdue. If you have not already paid please post to: Nick de Carteret, 117 Wood Bay Rd, Titirangi.
Auckland Enquiries ph. 817 7018

Wellington Shell Club have booked the Lower Hutt town hall for 25-27 January 2002. Put this in your diary, it is Auckland anniversary weekend. Start planning your entries!!

April 10 meeting
Margaret Morley will speak on the changes to the diversity, quantity and size of the molluscs at Howick Beach since the 1950ís .

Tuesday 13 March 7:30pm. Auckland War Memorial Museum.
Entry by the Administration door between 7:15 and 7:45pm. No late admittance.
The topic will be a video shown by Bruce Hazelwood. It describes the devastating effects of the spread of an introduced carnivorous land snail on the endemic land snails in Indonesia.
Please bring a tray of land snails, New Zealand or overseas.

Margaret Morley: Ph (09) 576 8323
Email: Peter Poortman: Ph (09) 817 5697
Website: Conchology Section website


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