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Newsletter - October 2000

The meeting was well attended, and Glenys welcomed everyone to the last get together before the Shell Show.

Heather Smith brought in a selection of her latest finds. Most notable were a nice Adelphotectonica reevei from Rarawa beach, and a nice Alcithoe from Great Exhibition Bay which she rode the length of on pushbike. There was some discussion over whether the Alcithoe was haurakiensis or the recently named davegibbsi, of which very few have been collected.

Jack Grant-Mackie brought in a newly published book 'Southland Shells' by Lloyd Ester of the Southland Museum. Very good charcoal drawings of a large number of shells found in southern New Zealand. For less than $10 you can obtain a copy by writing to 15 Mahuri Rd, Otatara, Invercargill. Jack also brought in some copies of the 'Proceedings of the Taupaki Malacological Society #2'. Copies of this, as well as numbers 1 & 3 can be obtained from Jack.

Bruce Hazelwoods' slug collecting is going well. Two recent finds are Lehmania vallentiana from south of Auckland, and Tandonia budapestensis from the Parnell-Pakuranga area.

Rae has reiterated that everyone who takes books from the library must fill in the library card. Would whoever has Volume 1 of 'Australian Shells' by Barry Wilson please own up.

Mike Eagle tried to pass himself off as Kathy Campbell, however no-one was fooled. Kathy was unable to make it to the meeting and will speak at the December meeting instead.
Mike gave a quick and interesting talk on the HALIOTIDAE, a monogenic (only one genus) family.
Some interesting work has been done on this family recently, and Mike urged us to keep up to date with the scientific papers that have been published. In 1995, Lee & Vaqua eliminated the subgenus Sulculus, and have assigned Haliotis iris to the subgenus Paua. Additionally, DNA research has uncovered the fact that Haliotis iris is most closely related to the earliest species.
Mike brought with him a very impressive magazine 'Bollettino Malacologico' which contained high quality photographs of the many Paua species. This magazine is now available from the Club library.

Most of the meeting centered on the Shell Show which is only a few weeks away.

Peter reported that plans are progressing well and a large number of entries have been received. Ie, 32 exhibitors, 203 exhibits, and 8 dealers! We are expecting a large number of visitors due to the Summer Festival being held at the Shopping Centre across the road that weekend. Suggest you get to the Show early on the Saturday and Sunday to be sure of handy parking. The programme of hourly entertainment in the shopping town will be available at the Show.

Thanks to Rosa who is co-ordinating a roster of sellers for the club trading table. If you have shells to donate please bag and price them.

The line-up of guest speakers on Saturday has been finalised as follows…

-10amIan ScottMolluscs & Friends
-11amLisa HankeyCITES and the Shell Collector
-NoonSteve O'SheaArchiteuthis (Giant Squid) & Friends
-1pmDr. Carol DiebelDeepwater Vents
-2pmTony & Jenny EnderbyUnderwater New Zealand

Helpers are required for the weekend. A roster of duties was passed around for the sign-up of volunteers, but there are still many slots to be filled. Please contact Peter if you are able to help at some time over the weekend.

It will be a great weekend - we hope to see you there!!

Professor John Morton wishes to draw Littorina araucana for his new shore book. This species comes from Chile to 410 S. Please can anyone loan him a specimen? Ph John (09) 410 6848.

Nancy Smith has sold her home, leaving on November 10 for an unknown destination. Please do not send any mail until she advises of her new address.

Come on people, dust off your shells! We need more competition.
Peter won again with a 242mm Crassostrea gigas from Orakei Basin, and a 102mm Cyclomactra ovata from Mission Bay.
The two species for next months competition are Murexul octogonus, and Polinices simiae.

14 November 7.30pm. Auckland War Memorial Museum.
Entry by the Administration door between 7:15 and 7:45pm. No late admittance.
Guest speaker will be Dr. Carol Diebel.

Margaret Morley: Ph (09) 576 8323
Peter Poortman: Ph (09 817 5697: Email


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