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Newsletter - March 2003

President's report:
Our meeting night last month suffered Auckland's worst N.E gale of the year and consequently many of our regular members stayed at home. The wind blew so strongly around the curve of the Auckland Museum that it was a struggle to get in the rear door. However, despite the appalling weather, two visitors (prospective new members we hope) turned up!

Heather Smith gave a most interesting, account of her recent trip to Niue Is. illustrated with a superb video she had made on the trip. Heather also displayed an impressive array of shells that she had collected on Niue. In keeping with the Pacific Is theme of the evening several members came draped with lovely shell leis. Nancy Smith's selection of shell necklaces was quite exquisite.

One of the visitors, Mrs Georgiana King, originally from Ladysmith South Africa, displayed a gorgeous necklace made of shells that she had collected on beaches on the Natal coast. She spoke briefly of her childhood experiences on beaches in South Africa.

Margaret Morley recounted highlights of a recent field trip to Tutukaka. A feature of this trip was a diving expedition to the Poor Knights Is.

Bruce Hazelwood's field trip to Cuvier Is.
This trip on the weekend of April 5th-6th is fully booked. According to DoC at Thames a landing on the Island can only be stopped by a N.E gale !

Next Meeting: Tuesday 8th April 7:30 pm at the Auckland Museum.
Entrance by the rear Admin door between 7:15-7:30pm. We regret there can be no late admittance due to security regulations.

Speaker: Doug Snook - Around the South Island In 42 days. Doug will show a video of Milford Sound.
We also hope to have a short video of the Cuvier Is. field trip. (A full account of the field trip will be published in a future Poirieria)
Shells for display: Please bring along shells of the South Island.

Next Committee Meeting and a light dinner will be held prior to our 8th April meeting at 6pm in the staff tea room, AWMM. Please let Rosa know if you have an item for the agenda.

Dr. Richard Willan is currently studying the bivalves of the WW family of Veneridiae and would like to examine specimens from the Loyalty Is: New Caledonia, of Toreuma or Ventrlcolaria toreuma. These shells can be in any condition including specimens of a single valve only.
His address is: M.A.G.N.T. GPO Box 4646, Darwin 0810. Australia.

Margaret Morley would like know if anyone has recently seen the sea slug Pleutobranchaea. She would like information of the location, time and the size of the population sighted. Email Margaret at: or her home address is: 25 The Boulevard. Pakuranga. Ak 6.

For Sale:
Patricia Langford has a fine Pleurotomaria teramachii w/o 11Omm for sale, as seen at the last shell auction, as well as a large variety of other shells for sale. ph. 09-473-0147.

Derrick Crosby in Whakatane, ph 07-308-6776 has a large 8 drawer cabinet for sale $50 - as seen at the last Shell action (is able to deliver it to Auckland)

Library News:
Librarian Gladys Goulstone - address 38A Church Rd. Mangere Bridge, Ak ph. (09) 634-2823, will be in attendance at the Library in the Matapuna Gallery on the Mon. afternoon 2-3 pm before each meeting date. Please contact her re. books on the list mailed Sept 01- Gladys has extra copies of this. She will deliver book orders to the meeting, or if you send her an A4 P.0. handy bag with $2.95 in stamps, for each book, she wiil mail books to you. Please return books to Matapuna as soon as possible or to Gladys at the next meeting, or mail them to her address above.

Tony and Jenny Enderby, P.O Box 139 Leigh, require articles for the next Poirieria issue. All queries: ph. 09-422-6127 or email
Back copies are held in the AWM. Museum Library. Rosa will copy articles tor you. Please send her $3 to cover photo costs and postage.

Peter Poortman has compiled an index of articles in back copies which is available on our website: http://members.tripod com/~nz_seashells . Peter's email address is:

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Subscriptions are now due for 2003. The annual subscription is $20-00.
Please make cheques to: Conchology Section C/O R.A.Tyson, 16 Kain St, Mt Eden, Auckland 4, New Zealand.

I/we enclose $20.00 for my/our annual subscription:

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