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Newsletter - July 2005

Last Word
Sadly our longtime member, Mr. M. L. Tappy died last weekend. He lived at unit 29, 52 Wellpark Ave Grey Lynn, Auckland, during the sunset years of his life and although very elderly, he remained a loyal member of the Section. Several years ago he made a generous donation of books to our library along with a collection of shells that he asked to be passed on to young collectors. Peter Poortman was acquainted with Mr. Tappy and had visited him in the past month. Peter had found him in cheerful spirits and had conveyed to him the Section's best wishes for his health.

President's Report
Hello to you all from Switzerland. I truly love this country. Our tour is amazing. Lots of long spectacular treks, alpine flowers that blow you away with their beauty (I shall pass over the mountain rain). Our group of fourteen is a great team and have wonderful knowledge of the country and the native vegetation. I love the picturesque chalets with their gorgeous window boxes and the herds of cows, necks hung with tinkering cow bells. The country is so tidy and organised it really is a role model for the world. We all could learn a lot about management of the environment from the Swiss. Well, time has run out on this cranky computer. The Internet access is free in the hotel I'm staying at - just as well as the`mouse' has a mind of it's own!!
It's time to pack up and catch the train to the next town to join a walking trek. Good luck for the Shell Auction. Sorry I can't be there.
Cheers, Heather Smith.

Next Meeting
Tuesday 9th August at 7:30 pm. Epsom Community Centre, 202 Gillies Ave.
The meeting will be chaired by Vice President Fiona Thompson.

Speaker: Prof. Jack Grant-Mackie. This will be another of Prof. Grant-Mackie's riveting talks so please come along and enjoy a splendid evening!
Shells for the evening: please bring along for display your special purchases from Saturday's Shell Auction - or recent finds.

Thanks to the Snooks for their generous gifts of bags of home grown mandarins - these were great eating and when cooked made into a delicious madeira cake and jars of the rich, golden marmalade traditionally called `Mary Queen of Scots.'

Shell Auction
All systems are go for 30th July. This newsletter will be compiled before the auction date so I will include a full account of the day's events in the following month's newsletter.

Congratulations to our Editors Jenny and Tony Enderby and all the contributors for a most interesting current issue of the Journal. The `Imperial Murex Purple' covered issue is enclosed with this newsletter.

Murphy's law rules: Wouldn't you know it could happen - yep, it's official - Election day's on the Saturday of our 75th Birthday weekend celebrations!!!
Please find enclosed a second notice of events and maps to all the venues.

Urgent!!!!!! Margaret Morley would like to know where inter-tidal population beds of the the Asian mussel, Musculista senousia, can be easily seen and accessed close to Auckland. A doctorate student with a deadline of August 18th is working on a paper on introduced marine species and has approached Margaret for assistance. My suggestions: Flat Rock area at Beachlands and Little Shoal Bay - send your's to her now!

Mussel Extract Product: While we are on the subject of mussels - this time the green lipped variety - if you need to put the shine back on tired, dull looking house and garden plants ? Investigate Aquaticus - an organic calcium fertiliser garden product made from ground mussel shell that can be safely applied in all garden situations regularly. Ignore the big blue Nautilus shell ? on the packaging and look up their web-site At last someone is disposing of those mountains of mussel shells intelligently. This is one recycling effort that is sure to be a winner. One of the ground mussel shell products is a thick latex polish which I'm delighted to say has given my house-plants a special gleam!

Bits and Pieces
Letter from France M. Abdi of Perlae - email writes: `Since the beginning of our web-site in 2001 we always tried to do our best to propose the best quality of sea shells to you from the common to the very rare species. We invite you to take a look on our web-site to realise the diversity and the beauty of this world.'

Thanks to all members who have returned their subscription invoices - your receipt is enclosed. A second notice is enclosed for those with subscriptions still outstanding to date. If you have paid in the interim please ignore this notice.

75th Celebrations
Enclosed is an invitation and a schedule of the planned special events.

Poirieria News
Our Editors, Jenny and Tony Enderby report that Volume 31 of the Journal is ready to go to print and I hope to enclose this with the July Newsletter.
NB. if you are including photographs with your text, please leave an appropriate space in the text for the photos.
Articles: Tony & Jenny Enderby, PO Box 139, Leigh - Ph 09 422-6127 - email:

Web site Officer: Peter Poortman, email
The Secretary: Mrs. R. A. Tyson, email


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