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Newsletter - July 2003

President's report
We welcome new member Mr. Philip Howe, of the South Canterbury Museum P.O. Box 522 Timaru, to the Section.

I think attendance at our last meeting was severely curtailed by events on Coronation St. However, Patricia Langford chaired a very interesting meeting on the Chatham Islands. Patricia displayed a wide selection of shells she had collected on a visit to the Islands in January. These included examples of local thick shelled Haliotidae with the most exquisite richly coloured interiors.

The sun shone all day on Fiona Thompson's day trip to Wenderholm, Sun. 13th. July. It was one of those rare, cloudless and windless mid-winter days that one never forgets. Our group of seven soon spread themselves along the sandy beach and over the Southern rock ledges. Bruce Hazelwood went hunting for land snails in bush at the rear of the old homestead and was pleasantly surprised with his findings. A report on the findings on the field trip wili be published in the next issue of the Poirieria Journal.

Next Meeting
Tuesday 12th August 7:30 pm at the Auckland Museum.
Entrance by the rear Admin door between 7:15-7:30pm. We regret there can be no late admittance due to security regulations.
Speaker: Dr. Bruce Hayward. 'Intertidal life of the Waitakere Ranges, West Auckland'. The results of a three year survey undertaken in collaboration with Mrs. Margaret Morley.
Shells for display: please bring along a selection of shells from the West Coast beaches and harbours of New Zealand.
N.B. The Committee meeting has been rescheduled back to the Museum, before the August meeting and will start at 6pm sharp. We have a lot of business to attend to, so those of you who are working please BYO dinner along to this meeting.

Annual Shell Auction
Sunday 28th September 2003 - Albany Hall, Auckland
Tables available for sales at no cost to shell club members. Contact Patricia Langford for details ph. (09) 473-0147.

August field trip
Sunday 10th. Sulphur Beach, Shoal Bay, Auckland Harbour. Low tide is at 11:22.
Michael Bresselios' day trip to this inner harbour beach now isolated by the Northern approaches to the Auckland Harbour Bridge could hold many surprises. Michael suggests that we investigate the extensive sandbank which stretches out halfway across Shoal Bay towards Bayswater Wharf. Access the beach via Stafford Rd, Sulphur Beach Rd then under the motorway. Meet in the car park near the boat ramp on Sulphur beach at 10:45. Look for the Section's new free - standing banner!
For details telephone Rosa 620-4523 or Michael 419-1149.

Bruce Hazelwood has kindly contributed a coloured map, enclosed with this newsletter, to be placed with page 40 of Vol. 29 June 2003.

Chatham Island tour
Patricia is leading a trip in Jan 2004, ph. (09) 473-0147.

Subscriptions for 2003
Only 8 subscriptions are now outstanding. If you find a reminder notice enclosed please return it along with $20 urgently.

Urgent. Does anyone know our member, Mr Frank Boulton's new address? Please let Rosa know. Frank's newsletters are now being returned GNFA.
Patricia Langford is moving house and has a large variety of shells she would like to sell. Ph. (09)473-0147.

Library News
Librarian Gladys Goulstone - address 38A Church Rd. Mangere Bridge, Ak ph. (09) 634-2823, will be in attendance at the Library in the Matapuna Gallery on the Mon. afternoon 2-3 pm before each meeting date. Please contact her re. books on the list mailed Sept 2001 - Gladys has extra copies of this. She will deliver book orders to the meeting, or if you send her an A4 P.0. handy bag with $2.95 in stamps, for each book, she wiil mail books to you. Please return books to Matapuna as soon as possible or to Gladys at the next meeting, or mail them to her address above.

Tony and Jenny Enderby, P.O Box 139 Leigh, require articles for the next Poirieria issue. All queries: ph. 09-422-6127 or email


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