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President's Report - December 2003

I am very grateful for those that have been able to address our monthly gathering, this is very much appreciated. For members of the committee for their support and encouragement. Engaging suitable speakers is always a challenge, but this year I have been pleased by the willingness of most of our folk who attend our monthly meetings taking part and contributing as we learn together and extending our knowledge of our interest in the marine environment, and at the same time adding enjoyment with a group of people that we are happy to be part of. I am particularly grateful to Rosa for the monthly newsletter she manages, and the monthly field trips she enthusiastically organises. Special thanks to Neville for his efficient control of our financial matters, very evident at our auction exercising his computer skills. In anticipation to Peter as we plan now for the 5th National Shell Show to be held in October 2004 at Pakuranga.

This year could be called the year of shell auctions with the Wellington Club holding their first official auction in August - some of our members making the journey. Then our annual one in September on what turned out to be a successful event, and on a very wet day. Webb Galleries also auctioned the Wagner Museum shell collection in October with an unbelievable result - over $27,000 being the total bids.

FEBRUARY:Holiday finds or recent additions to your collection.
MARCH:Heather Smith - Nuie Island (Pacific Island Shells).
APRIL:Doug Snook - South Island Trip (South Island Shells).
MAY:Margaret Morley - Drawing Shells (Ranellidae Family).
JUNE:Mike Eagle - 'Mike on his Bike in Europe' (Pectinidae).
JULY:Patricia Langford - The Chatham Islands (Haliotidae).
AUGUST:Dr Bruce Hayward - West Auckland Survey (West Coast Shells).
SEPTEMBER:Margaret Morley - Deep Water NZ Shells.
Shell Auction.
NOVEMBER:Heather Smith - Far North; Chris Horne - Victoria; Fiona Thompson - Echinoderms; Peter Poortman - Land snails Genus Schizoglossa; Doug Snook - Epitoniidae.
DECEMBER:AGM Doug Snook - coloured slides.
Christmas Party and Christmas Shell.

I have had more holidays this year, than ever before, this time in our great country. In fact travelled from Stewart Island in the South to Cape Reinga in the North. I am most grateful to the Vice President for taking charge in my absence.

Attendances at our monthly meetings have been good despite a number of our members having journeyed overseas for a trip. It is interesting to note that new members have outnumbered resignations which is a healthy sign.

Alan Limpus, Pat Bail and Richard Willan visited a number of our members collections, as they reviewed NZ Volutes.

It is now less than two years until we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Conchology Section and over thirty years for me as a member. The challenge goes out for a new President in a year's time, when I stand down. The position is an annual appointment with a maximum of three years at any one time.

Finally, a big thank you to Tony and Jenny Enderby, as they do a sterling job with the compiling of our Poirieria Magazine. They need your contributions in order for this publication to happen. Our organization is only as good as we determine to make it.

I trust each one of you will have a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Doug Snook